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To the Glass Castle

a Mausritter session report

Cast: Lily - beetleherd, Hyacinth - ex-noble, Daisy - street tough, Ambrose - sparrow rider with no sparrow, with a guest appearance of Eight Corn.

We start of in REDPOND, when the party is looking for a ride to the ANTHILL with their pile of weapons for the ANT QUEEN. This is when they meet LILY the beetleherd and JUNIPER, her loyal beetle (very cute). Lily takes on the party’s loot and they travel one hex south safely.

At the Ant Hill, Lily remembers that she can actually speak some ant, though with a bit of difficulty. The Ant Queen holds up her end of the bargain — the party receives an 80% charges APPLE WATCH and ties it on to the back of Juniper. Before leaving with the ant army for the GLASS CASTLE, the party spends the evening exploring this glowing artefact, but its many wonders still remain a mystery.

When the party arrives, they see giant (for mice) WALKING SUNFLOWERS destryoing ant siege weapons in front of the Glass Castle. DAISY remarks i’ve never seen anything so fucked up in the whole 3 months i’m alive”. We also see that the Glass Castle is actually a HUMAN GREENHOUSE. The mice decide to avoid the action, and sneak around the west wall to get into the castle. There is a broken window on the other side, but none of the party memebers have any twine to climb the wall.

The party goes to explore THE SHED to see if they find anything useful. The mice find a purse with EARBUDS with a strong chord (equivalent to grapple hook), some chapstick and a mirror. This is a moment when a HUMAN IN HIGH HEELS comes into the shed. The mice scrable but only Daisy manages to hide. Hyancinth and Lily get tangled in the chords, while Ambrose poses cutely next to the purse. The human screams and runs away, frightening the mice. The party escapes while they can through the front door.

WItht the newfound equipment they successfully climb inside the castle and signal the TWO MICE GUARDS with a white flag. The party is greeted and taken to the QUEEN OF THE GLASS CASTLE. Before we reach the royal chambers we pass seven FROZEN PEASANT MICE. The guards explain that they have no need for peasant labor, but they still want to save” their peasants when they return to their lands. Next, HYACINTH pretends to be a noble mice from SHALLOWATER, with the rest of the party as her retainers. This works and the mice gain trust with the royals, we learn that the FRONT DOOR is the weakest point of their defence. We also learn from the local WIZARD that the Walking Sunflowers are their doing, and are only effective during day.

The party leaves the castle to find the ANT GENERAL. As we pass the battlefield at sunset, we can see the Sunflowers losing their strength and being overwhelmed by ants. Lily talks to the Ant General and they agree on a deal: the seven frozen mice are spared in exchange for opening the front door.

Right as the party leaves the general’s tent, they spot a TRAVELLING MERCHANT in the distance heading their way. Lily whistles a universal bettle frequency for stop. It works and they approach the merchant and their guards. We learn that the merchant was unaware of the raging battle and they thank the party for their help. The mice buy some equipment and sell a NOBLE’S DAGGER to the merchant, who is very pleased with the arrangement. AMBROSE proposes the BAT CULTIST BLADE, but Laurel (the merchant) refuses, saying that they are an ex-bat-cultist and that they stay away from such things”.

All the mice get on so well that they decide to camp the night together. Through the chats we learn that:

  • The noble mouse in Redpond is angry and promises retribution to whoever has stolen their things
  • There is a community of mice living in a tree (on hex 12) who have tamed sparrows.
  • We knew that the mice in the Glass Castle are originally from Hex 19, but we are told that it is a human waste dump.

In the morning the party says farewell to the travellers. The mice go into the Glass Castle through the VENTS in the east wall. They decide to split: Daisy and Hyancinth will take care of opening the door, while Ambrose and Lily will try to convince the wizard to join their cause. The wizard negotiations go poorly as we learn that they have served the royal family for several generations and are not fancying betrayal. While that happens, the rest of the party opens the door, slowly letting in more and more ants.

The wizard figures out what the mice are doing and tries to grab Lily by the neck, but Juniper pushes her away and rides to a safe distance. The wiazard is killed by the combined spear strikes of Ambrose (jabed in the torso) and Lily (flown into the head). As the wizard’s body disintegrates, two mice appear out of their hat: EIGHT CORN a merchant mouse and NO-NUT their pack rat.

As the mice escape they fight off the mouse guards and the walking sunflowers. Eventually the party reaches the vents and blocks of the exit.

They will live another mouse day.

Published on February 25, 2021.

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