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Alternative Schedule for Dungeon23

Sean McCoy proposed a community challenge called dungeon23. Mazirians Garden and All Dead Generations have both blogged about it since then. I’ve been thinking a bit about the elements of a megadungeon (in addition to all the rooms) and came up with a little weekly schedule (instead of writing a room every day).

A week would look like so:

  • Monday - Room description.
  • Tuesday - Item description. It can be a magic item or a piece of alien tech, something that the players will interact with.
  • Wednesday - Room description.
  • Thursday - Inhabitant description. Flesh out an NPC from a previous room.
  • Friday - Room description.
  • Saturday - Faction detail. Either creating a new faction or writing a brief element for an existing one. Create connections between the factions.
  • Sunday - Rumor about something you’ve written in the past week.

This brings the room count to about 150, but in turn you get 50 NPCs, 50 rumours, 50 items, and plenty of faction descriptions. For me this method brings the room count to a bit more manageable size, and adds a bit more depth to the dungeon ecology/environment.

What’s the Megadungeon?

I will be trying to complete a dungeon for mothership. It will incorporate some soviet aesthetics and legends. The layout will be the Mir space station meets the big loop from space odyssey.

Encounters will be a mix of soviet experiments gone wrong and other crews who are exploring the ship. The Company obviously wants any evidence of communism exterminated.

For this project I really want to focus on making a compelling open ended artefact for players to explore. There is no grand purpose or plan, just a weird location with secrets that may never be solved.

Do you have schedule ideas too? Already have a theme for your megadungeon? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Published on December 10, 2022.

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